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одно из преимуществ быть синхронистом в том, что ты можешь учиться у человека, просто глядя на него.

Jolly Rojer! - is that a proposition?

on Titan the atmosphere is dense, so you have to be furry

tossing ewoks in the lake of fart!

- it's cruel but I believe he could be irritating enough.. - that's not even a question

- so in the LHC... I'm going to chattng-up mode again, am I?

- what are the rules of sodomy? (and you have to see that ACADEMIC face)
- erm, well, it... eye-wateringly complex. (Fry normally doesn't babble)
- but it's for future reference!
- you're too young and innocent to know!

My spellchecker suggests "Large Hard-On Colluder"

faith-based aviation doesn't work

I'm going to strap you in.

the fact that we're right doesn't matter in communication terms

quite unpleasant. on the verge that you pass out. (after 5g in a centrifuge)

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